Blower Motor Engine Block Cylinder Bore & Hone & Housing Bore Machining For 4-Bolt Billet Main Caps, Line Bore, & Align Honing

This is a 350 Chevy small block V8 engine block that is going to be built as a blower motor. We first thermal cleaned and shotblasted the block before magnafluxing it for cracks. It was a 2-bolt main block so we machined it for some 4-bolt billet main caps. After the new four bolt main caps were fitted and torqued down with a set of ARP main bolts we line bored the housing bore in our AMC line bore machine and then finished it to size in our Sunnen align hone machine. We then bored the cylinders .040 over in our Rottler boring bar and finish honed them to size in our Sunnen CK10 cylinder hone. For all your high performance machining and machine work needs please give us a call or stop by.
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