Cast Iron Stove Handle Broken Bolt and Stud Removal With Thread Repair

This is a cast iron stove handle that was sent into us for some repair. The stove handle had a broken bolt in it so we had to machine out the broken bolt or stud. We then had to machine some new threads into the handle for a complete thread repair service. We then used a valve cover stud that we threaded into the handle which then allowed a nut & washer to be installed to hold the two stove pieces back together. For all of your broken bolt and stud removal and or any thread repair we can handle it. If there is a broken drill bit, broken easy-out, broken tap, or anything else broken off we can machine it out or blow it out with our Electro-Arc machine. Once the bolt hole is cleared out we can repair the threads with a thread insert such as a heli-coil, time sert, or Full Torq insert. If none of those thread repair inserts will work we can weld the hole shut and re-machine a completely new bolt hole with new threads. We can also make our own insert to fill and plug the hole which then allows us to re-center and machine a new bolt hole with threads in the proper location. For all your machine shop, machine work, machining, and fabricating and fabrication needs please give us a call.

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