LeTourneau L1850 Loader Radiator Rebuild In 4 Days For Mega Down Service

This is a LeTourneau L1850 loader radiator we picked up from one of our mine customers. It was a mega down situation so we had to do the complete rebuild and have it back to the mine in 4 days. This radiator is a Mesabi style which has just under 1100 hundred individual [...]

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Chevy GM Truck Crossflow Radiator Rod and Repair

Here's some down and dirty pics of a radiator that came in for a rod and repair. It is an aftermarket chinese copper and brass radiator out of a Chevy GM vehicle. It is a crossflow design that was marketed as a part number CU 369 or a CUC369. Motor Mission Machine & [...]

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Ford Model A Engine Repair, Machining, & Rebuild

This is a Ford Model A engine that came in due to the head gasket leaking. When we got the engine disassembled and checked out we found the cylinder head to be cracked & severely corroded around the coolant jackets. So we replaced the cylinder head and reassembled this little flathead 4-cylinder. It's [...]

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Ford Model T Speedster Radiator Rebuild, Overhaul, & Restoration

This is a 1915 Ford Model T Speedster radiator that came in for repair and complete overhaul restoration. The core is a 3 row with round tubes. The top tank was pretty beat up, dented and dinged up so we straightened it up the best we could. For all your old, vintage, and [...]

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Caterpillar 793C Folded Core Mine Haul Truck Radiator Picked Up For Rebuilding & Overhaul

This is a Caterpillar 793C haul truck radiator we picked up from one of our mine customers for an overhaul. The 793C radiator is a Caterpillar folded core style radiator that has 60 individual folded radiator cores. The 793C is one of our most popular mining radiators that we rebuild on a regular [...]

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Hemi Powered 1948 Nash Street Rod Custom Radiator

This is a custom copper and brass high efficiency radiator with a custom aluminum fan shroud with two Spal high performance electric fans. We custom built this radiator & shroud setup for a 1948 Nash street rod that is powered by a Dodge Chrysler Hemi V8 engine. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 [...]

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Chevy Small Block 383 Stroker Engine With Eagle Forged Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, and KB Claimer Pistons Build

This is a Chevy small block 350 V8 engine that we built into a 383 stroker. We started out by thermal cleaning the block in our Bayco thermal cleaning oven and then shotblasting the block in our Zero Blast-n-Peen shotblaster. We then performed a magnaflux to the block to detect for any cracks. [...]

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Vermeer T955 Crawler Trencher Radiator and Oil Cooler Assembly For Rebuilding, Overhauling, and Re-Coring

This is a Vermeer T955 crawler trencher radiator and oil cooler assembly that came in for a complete rebuild and overhaul. The radiator is leaking at the bottom header due to a crack. The oil cooler has been dangling and flopping around as most of the bolts are sheared and broken. This thing [...]

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Kubota V2203 Diesel Engine Cleaning, Magnaflux For Cracks, Machine Work, & Valve Job With Surface Milling

This is a small 4-cylinder diesel Kubota model V2203 engine that came in for machine work. We frequently see these smaller type diesel engines come in as they often power Bobcat skidsteer and mini excavator tractors. They also power lots of larger lawn equipment as well as several construction and maintenance tractors and [...]

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