Mitsubishi 4G52 forklift aluminum cylinder head crack repair with valve job & surfacing rebuild

This is a Mitsubishi 4G52 forklift cylinder head we performed a valve job & surface to. The 4G52 is notorious for developing cracks so we had to do some crack repair to this industrial aluminum cylinder head as well. After we got the crack fixed & repaired we pressure tested the head to [...]

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Dart Pontiac Big Chief Aluminum Big Block Chevy Drag Race Engine Cylinder Heads Freshen

This is a set of aluminum Pontiac Big Chief cylinder heads off of a 637 cubic inch big block Chevy race engine. In these pics we have completed a multi-angle valve job as well as surface to both heads. These heads will be posted again when we get the engine all freshened up [...]

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Case 1830 Uniloader Skidsteer Tractor Continental Renault 1.1 Cylinder Head Rebuilding & Repair

  This is an aluminum cylinder head off of a Case 1830 Uniloader skidsteer tractor that came in for rebuilding and repair. It is a four cylinder gasoline powered engine. The engine is marked or marketed and sold as a Continental but it is actually made by Renault. It is a 1.1 liter [...]

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Machine Shop: 318 Dodge Chrysler V8 Engine Machine Work: Bore, Hone, Rod Reconditioning, Piston Installation at Las Vegas Machine Shop

This is a 318 Dodge Chrysler Plymouth V8 engine that we performed some machine work to here at our fully equipped Las Vegas machine shop. We did a bore and hone to the cylinders for the new oversize pistons and rings. We then blasted and resized / reconditioned the big ends of the [...]

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2016 IFMAR 8th Scale Nitro Off Road World Championship Races, Trophy & Trophies Build For RC Tracks of Las Vegas

These are pictures of the 1st place trophy we built for Chris Tocco at RC Tracks of Las Vegas for the 2016 IFMAR 8th Scale Nitro Off Road World Championship race that is being held here in Las Vegas, Nv. Chris Tocco set the 1st place champions trophy on the front stretch of [...]

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2016 IFMAR 8th 1/8 Scale Nitro Off Road World Championship Trophy Trophies For The Worlds RC Race

These are the trophies we built for Chris Tocco at RC Tracks of Las Vegas for the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 8th scale nitro off road world championship race held from September 30th, 2016 to October 8th, 2016. All of us RC enthusiasts have been anticipating the Worlds race. Awhile back Kyle Johnson who [...]

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Hercules Model JXLD Water Pump Machining, Rebuild, & Restoration at Motor Mission Machine & Radiator

This is an old Hercules engine water pump that we rebuilt. We completely disassembled the water pump and had to machine and counter-bore the housing for a new style seal. We also had to machine a new shaft as well as some other internal parts and pieces of the water pump. This Hercules [...]

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Komatsu Radiator Overhaul & Recondition For an 830E AC haul truck Mesabi style at Motor Mission Machine & Radiator

This is a Komatsu radiator we completely rebuilt and overhauled for an 830E AC Komatsu haul truck. This radiator is a Mesabi L&M style radiator that has nearly 1,500 tubes in it. Each Mesabi L&M tube is removed and then boiled, ultrasonic cleaned, & polished on both ends where they seal at the [...]

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Hitachi Radiator Overhaul & Recondition For an EX5500 Shovel at Motor Mission Machine & Radiator

  This is a Hitachi radiator that we completely overhauled and reconditioned for an EX5500 shovel for one of our mining customers. The Hitachi EX5500 has two engines and therefore has two radiator and four hydraulic oil coolers. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert Point Dr. Las Vegas, Nv. 89118 Phone: (702) [...]

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Hitachi 1200 Excavator Track Hoe Radiator Rebuild and ReCore By Motor Mission Machine & Radiator

This is a Hitachi 1200 Excavator radiator that came in for a complete rebuild and overhaul because the machine was running hot and overheating. This Hitachi radiator is out of an excavator which some people refer to as a track hoe. We got the Hitachi bolt together or bolt-on / bolt-up style radiator [...]

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