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Custom Machined Hardened Bushings and Pins, Piston Flycutting, and Top Loader Transmission Rebuild

Here's some pics of some custom machine work we've done. The first pic is some hardend dog bone bushings we make for the haul trucks at the mines. The second pic is some hardened splined shafts we duplicated for a customer. The third pic is a high performance forged piston we're fly cutting with our [...]

2017-12-15T05:57:34+00:00 December 15th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

Oak Garland & Round Oak Antique Cast Iron Stoves Repair and Restoration

Here's some pics of our front counter area and small display of antiques. The smaller stove on the far left is an Oak Garland stove that we restored while the two on the right are Round Oak cast iron stoves. The finials on the Round Oak stoves we had copper coated to set them off [...]

2017-10-24T05:15:13+00:00 October 24th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

Chevy Duramax Diesel Coolant Water Connection Fitting Fabrication and Custom Machining

Here's some pics of a coolant water connection fitting we custom machined. The dark colored part is the original cast iron part that came in broken. Our customer asked us to machine a new one as they couldn't get the OE part fast enough. So we started with a solid block of steel and machined [...]

2017-08-29T18:00:41+00:00 August 29th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

Custom Aluminum Gas Tank Build For A Rat Rod Project

This is an aluminum gas tank we custom built for a rat rod project. Our customer brought us a cardboard template pattern for us to build the tank from. We installed a combination fuel pick-up assembly with a built-in sending unit for a fuel level gauge. The Aluminum welding was done with our [...]

2017-06-24T14:29:02+00:00 June 24th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

International Water Pump Restoration & Rebuilding

This is a 1967 International water pump that came in to be rebuilt because a replacement couldn't be found. We disassembled the water pump and shotblasted the housing. We then had to machine the inside of the housing for a newer style seal. We also made a new shaft for it as the [...]

2017-06-19T04:42:12+00:00 June 16th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

Airplane Trailer Tug Shaft With Keyway Custom Machining

This is a wheel and shaft assembly for an airplane or trailer tug. The tug pulls or moves an airplane or trailer around. The shaft that the wheel rides on broke so we were asked to machine a new shaft with a keyway in it. For all your custom machine work needs please [...]

2017-06-15T14:25:50+00:00 June 15th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

Antique Vintage Hit N Miss Steam Boat & Train Sounding Whistles

Here's a couple of whistles that sound like an old steam train or steam boat. We've had the brass whistle for years but just recently we made the second whistle out of steel. When hooked up directly to a large air tank they produce a long and loud whistle just like an old [...]

2017-06-26T03:19:18+00:00 June 3rd, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

Ford Falcon Transmission & Bellhousing Welding & Custom Machining For Modifications

This is a transmission & bellhousing for a Ford Falcon that came in for some machining modifications. We had to do some welding & machining of some new bolt holes in order for the transmission housing to bolt up together to the bellhousing. For all your custom machine work needs please give us [...]

2017-06-26T04:30:06+00:00 March 26th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|

Skidsteer Tractor Pivot Bracket and Pins Machined and Duplicated

This is a pivot bracket with pins that we made for a skidsteer tractor. The old bent up part was brought to us to see if we could make a new one along with some new hardened pins because a new one had to come from overseas and they couldn't wait that long. [...]

2017-02-07T00:20:28+00:00 February 6th, 2017|Custom Shop Services|