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8460 American Crane Lower Engine Radiator Repair & Recore

This is a bolt-on radiator out of an 8460 American crane. This radiator cools the lower engine of the crane. The original core was in pretty bad shape so it was decided to recore the radiator with a heavy duty copper and brass high efficiency core. The tanks and side brackets were thermal [...]

2017-06-06T21:15:15+00:00 June 3rd, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Kenworth T800B Blasting Truck Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Repair, & Recore

This is a small heat exchanger off of a Kenworth T800B blasting truck for one of our mining customers. The original heat exchanger was an all steel unit which was leaking in the core in several areas. So we built a complete replacement out of aluminum. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert [...]

2017-06-26T03:21:22+00:00 June 3rd, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Caterpillar 793F Haul Trucks Parked At The Mine

Here's some pics of some Caterpillar 793F haul trucks. These trucks were on lease to one of the mines but now they're just sitting since the lease ran out. The radiator sits behind the black grill on the front of the trucks. Looking at the whole truck doesn't make the radiators look so [...]

2017-06-02T01:35:55+00:00 June 2nd, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Caterpillar 3516 V16 3500 Series 793 Haul Truck Mining Diesel Engine

Here's some pics of a Caterpillar 3500 series diesel engine. This engine is a 3516 which came out of a 793 haul truck. The 3516 means it is a V16 cylinder engine. That's eight big cylinders down each side of the engine. This engine was just removed from the dump truck and replaced [...]

2017-06-02T01:10:21+00:00 June 2nd, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Caterpillar 16G Grader Axle Rebuild & Repair With Bore Welding & Portable Line Boring

This is a Caterpillar 16G grader axle that we did a complete overhaul & rebuild to. We had to weld all the bores and then bore them to the correct size with our portable line bore for the new pins. We had to use a lot of heat & pressure in the press [...]

2017-07-20T20:14:59+00:00 April 11th, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Komatsu 830 Fuel Tank & Mesabi Radiator & Caterpillar 834B Radiator Picked Up For Rebuilding

This is a load we picked up from one of the mines. The large radiator with the big fan shroud on it is a Mesabi-style radiator for a Komatsu 830E haul truck and the fuel tank is for the same application. The fuel tank is blowed up like a balloon so we'll have [...]

2017-04-11T13:26:12+00:00 April 11th, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Komatsu 830E Mining Equipment Haul Truck Mesabi L&M Radiator Rebuild & Overhaul

Here's some pics of a Komatsu 830E Mesabi-style haul truck radiator we rebuilt. These radiators have just under 1,300 individual L&M radiator tubes. Each tube is removed and then pressure washed, cleaned in the ultrasonic, & then both ends of each tube get buffed and polished for engagement into the new upper & [...]

2017-06-26T03:56:43+00:00 March 29th, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Caterpillar 993 Loader Fuel Tank Repair, Rebuild, & Overhaul

This is a Caterpillar 993 loader fuel tank that came in for repairs because the loader would quit running after it got just below half a tank of fuel. We cut it open and found several broken baffles internally which caused damage to the fuel pick-up tube. So we repaired all the internal [...]

2017-03-28T21:50:52+00:00 March 28th, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Caterpillar 793D Mesabi Radiator, D10T Dozer AMOCS Modular Radiator Cores, & Atlas Copco DML Oil Cooler & Radiator Pick Up

This is a load of radiators and oil coolers we picked up for rebuilding from one of our mining customers. The large radiator on the front of the trailer is a Caterpillar 793D Mesabi-style style radiator that has 960 individual tubes. Next on the trailer is some Caterpillar D10T dozer modular AMOCS style [...]

2017-03-26T17:42:11+00:00 March 26th, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|

Caterpillar 16G Grader Axle Pin Bores Welding & Portable Line Boring Repair

These are the hub assemblies off of a Caterpillar 16G grader axle that came in for repair. The pins and bores were all worn out and needed to be brought back to spec. In these pictures we are welding the worn out ID of the bores and then line boring them back to [...]

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