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Caterpillar Mining Equipment Haul Truck Folded Core Radiator Repair and Rebuilding

Here's some pictures of a delivery of some Caterpillar haul truck radiators we repaired and rebuilt. The small one is a 777A, the middle one is a 785B, and the biggest one is a 793C. They are all folded core style radiators. There is also a pallet of eighteen modular radiator cores with part number [...]

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Radiator Cleaning, Flushing, Repairing, and Pressure Testing

Here's some random pics of some Caterpillar haul truck radiators in our large test tank being pressure tested. After we repair and rebuild a radiator we pressure test them at both low pressure and high pressure to ensure they are leak free to provide a long service life and optimium cooling efficiency and performance. Motor [...]

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Caterpillar Mining Haul Truck and Loader Radiators Rebuilding and Repair

Here's some pics of some mining haul truck radiators we rebuilt and delivered. On the front of the trailer is a Caterpillar 777 radiator and some 994 loader modular radiator cores strapped to a pallet. The middle radiator is a 785 and the radiator on the back is a 789C. All three radiators are Caterpillar [...]

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Commercial Industrial Bolt-On Radiator Rodding, Recoring, and Repairing

Here's some diesel semi truck radiators we've rebuilt with either new cores or simply a rod and repair. These are all industrial radiators that the tanks and brackets bolt up to the radiator cores on which we refer to as bolt-on's. In the first pic on the left is an Autocar garbage truck radiator with [...]

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Got Bad Gas? Varnished and Leaking Gas and Fuel Tank Cleaning, Repairing, and Sealing

Got Bad Gas? Here's some gas and fuel tanks that have come in for cleaning and repairs. Most of them have come in due to rotten varnished gas that has accumulated and causing problems. Some of them had leaks and bad pitting from moisture and rust. We first thermal clean all tanks before boiling them [...]

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Custom Copper Brass High Efficiency 4-Row Radiator Builds For a 1969 Chevy Camaro and a 1964 Ford Ranchero

Here's a couple of custom all metal copper and brass radiators we built. The one with the steel side brackets soldered to the sides of the tanks is for a 1969 Chevy Camaro with a small block V8 engine. The other radiator with the bottom hose connection pointing straight down is a baffled double pass [...]

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Custom Polished Aluminum Crossflow Radiator with Shroud and High Performance Spal Electric Fans

Here's some pics of a custom aluminum radiator with a custom aluminum fan shroud and two high performance Spal electric fans. The radiator and shroud are both fully polished and feature a high efficiency core. If you need a custom radiator built we can do it in copper and brass or aluminum. We are specialists [...]

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Jeep Wrangler Copper Brass High Efficiency Radiators For Stock Engine and Hemi Conversion

Here's a couple of custom copper and brass high efficiency radiators we built for two different Jeep Wranglers. The first three pics are of a radiator that's going into a Jeep with the stock inline six cylinder 4.0 engine. We also built a custom aluminum fan shroud and mounted a high performance Spal electric fan [...]

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Industrial, Commercial, and RV Radiators and Cooler Cleaning, Repairing, and Overhauling

Here's some pics of some industrial, commercial, and RV radiators that we're rodding out, cleaning, and repairing. The first three pics are bolt-on radiators with crank holes in them for a PTO. The last four pics are of a radiator and CAC (charge air cooler) for a Caterpillar powered pusher motorhome. The road draft tube [...]

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Caterpillar 785A Folded Core Radiator Overhauling and Rebuilding

Here's a couple pics of a Caterpillar 785A haul truck mining radiator we rebuilt. The 785 radiator is made up of individual folded radiator cores each of which is disassembled and rebuilt like separate radiators. Once we get them all reconditioned we then pressure test them in our test tank for one hour at low [...]

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