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Radiator Benchman Torch Welder Job Opening Available

We are looking for a radiator repair man. We often call a radiator man a benchman but some will call them a welder. Either way, if you can operate a torch to run and flow solder for the repair of radiators we have an opening available. Radiator Benchman Repairman Job Opening Disponible. Please call us [...]

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Caterpillar Mining Radiators & Fuel Tank Rebuilding & Repairing

Here's some pics of some Caterpillar mining radiators and a fuel tank we rebuilt. In the pics are 785, 789, & 793 radiators that we have repaired and reconditioned. The fuel tank is a Caterpillar 793D fuel tank that came in leaking due to a crack so we rebuilt it with some Caterpillar guidelines for [...]

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Las Vegas Radiator Shop Service & Repair Including New Radiator & Cooler Sales

Here's some pics of some radiator projects we have going on in the radiator shop. The 1st 2 pics are of a custom copper brass crossflow radiator for a Chevy truck we built. The last 2 pics are of a Ford truck Camper Special radiator we did a rod & repair rebuild to. If you [...]

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Custom High Efficiency Copper & Brass Jeep Wrangler and 1950’s Chevy Radiator Builds

Here's some pics of a couple of custom high efficiency copper and brass radiators we're building. The radiator on the left is for a 2006 Jeep Wrangler that is doing away with the mechanical engine driven fan in exchange for a high performance electric fan and aluminum fan shroud combo. The other radiator is for [...]

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Caterpillar Triple Seven 777 Folded Core Haul Truck Mining Radiator

Here's a Caterpillar folded core style radiator we picked up from one of our mining customers for a complete overhaul rebuild. The radiator is off of a Caterpillar Triple Seven 777 haul truck. We were being supercised by the donkeys. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert Point Dr. Las Vegas, Nv. 89118 Phone: (702) [...]

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Aluminum Radiator Cleaning, Repair, Recoring, Welding, and Custom Building

Got Aluminum? For those that don't know, we also work on and build aluminum radiators. Here are some pics of some aluminum radiators that we have worked on. The first 2 pics are of an aluminum radiator we recored for a Fleetwood RV motorhome. The 2nd & 3rd pics are of a Coachman RV motorhome [...]

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Komatsu 830E Haul Truck Radiator Rebuild & Mining Equipment Cooling System Services

This is a Komatsu 830E mining haul truck radiator that we did a complete overhaul to. This particular radiator is an L&M Mesabi style radiator which has just under 1,500 individual radiator tubes. For all of your radiator and cooling system needs please give us a call or stop by. It doesn't matter how small [...]

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Atlas Copco Ingersoll Rand Sandvick Mining Drill Rig Radiator Repair and Rebuilding

Here's a before pic along with some after rebuild pics of a mining drill rig radiator we overhauled. This radiator comes from various drill rigs that are used at the mines. Some of the drill rigs are Atlas Copco, some are Drilltech, some are Ingersoll Rand, and some are Sandvick. This rebuild consisted of the [...]

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Radiator Cleaning, Rod and Repair, Recoring, and Aftercooler Intercooler Flushing

Here's some various pics of some of the radiator jobs we have going on in the shop. The first pic is an Autocar bolt-on crankhole radiator we re-cored for a garbage truck. The second and third pics are an aluminum aftercooler that came in full of oil due to a turbocharger failure so it's in [...]

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1939 Cadillac Street Rod Custom Copper Brass Radiator With Fan Shroud and High Performance Electric Fans

This is a custom copper and brass 5-row radiator we built for a 1939 Cadillac street rod. The Caddy has a 500hp V8 Cadillac engine with air conditioning to keep the occupants motivated & cool while cruising the Strip. Since we had the room we made the radiator a 5-row and set it up with [...]

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