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Autocar Garbage Trash Truck Crank Hole Bolt-On Radiator Repairing, Rebuilding, & Recoring

Here's some bolt-on crankhole radiators for some garbage trucks. These radiators have a hole in the core for a PTO (power take-off) to go through them which is basically a driveline that goes through the radiator and connects to a hydraulic pump on the front bumper. The PTO powers/turns the hydraulic pump. Some [...]

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Komatsu & Caterpillar Mining Haul Truck Radiator Repair & Rebuilding

Here's some pics of some Komatsu and Caterpillar mining haul truck radiators we're doing some rebuilds to. The larger radiator is a Komatsu 830E Mesabi radiator and the smaller one is a Caterpillar 793C folded core radiator. The steel part being machined on our millling machine is a new bump stop pad for [...]

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Caterpillar 6060 Shovel Radiator & CAC Aftercooler Recores & 793D Radiator Overhaul Rebuild Delivery

Here's some pics of a delivery to one of our mining customers. Laying down sideways is an aluminum radiator and aftercooler for a Caterpillar 6060FS shovel. The yellow radiator is for a Caterpillar 793D haul truck. If you are in need of a radiator or cooler cleaning, rebuild, overhaul, recore, or replacement please [...]

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Internal Radiator Clogging & Plugged Tubes Of The Radiator Core Causes Overheating

Ever wonder what the inside of your radiator looks like? Here's a radiator core with the tanks removed. The tubes, some people refer to them as cores, are almost completely plugged and clogged. When the tubes get plugged the coolant can't flow through them and the fins can't pull the heat out. The [...]

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Las Vegas Radiator Shop Rod and Repair Radiator Service

Here's an industrial radiator that came in for a rod and repair. The core is already pretty used up. It has extensive fin and tube damage and several tubes have been previously blocked off. We will recommed a recore for this one. For all your radiator repair and recoring needs please gives us [...]

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Caterpillar 16G Folded Core Radiator, Komatsu 830E Mesabi Radiator, & Caterpillar 793C Haul Truck Fuel Tank Rebuilds Ready For Delivery To The Mines

Here's a load of radiators and a fuel tank we rebuilt on our trailer ready for delivery back to the mines in northern Nevada. The small radiator is a Caterpillar 16G folded core style radiator. The large radiator in the middle is a Komatsu 830E AC Mesabi style haul truck radiator. And on [...]

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Caterpillar Fold Core & Komatsu Mesabi style Mining Equipment Radiators Picked Up For Rebuilding & Overhaul

Here's a couple radiators we picked up from one of our mining customers for rebuilding and overhaul. The small radiator is a Caterpillar folded core style radiator out of a 16G grader. The larger radiator is a Mesabi style out of a Komatsu 830E AC haul truck that's powered by a Cummins V16 [...]

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Komatsu 830E haul truck Mesabi radiator for rebuilding for the mine

This is another Komatsu 830E haul truck Mesabi style radiator we picked up from one of our mine customers. We'll get it all apart, cleaned up, and rebuilt. Stay tuned to see it all cleaned up and looking like new again in a few days. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert Point [...]

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Custom High Efficiency Copper Brass Radiator with Shroud & Electric Fan For A Rat Rod

This is a custom high efficiency copper and brass radiator we built for a Rat Rod. We made the radiator a bolt-on to go along with the industrial theme of the project. We hand made the bolt-on radiator tanks as well as fan shroud out of steel. After mounting the high performance electric [...]

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Mishimoto High Performance Aluminum External Oil Cooler Sales

This is a new replacement Mishimoto oil cooler. A customer came in asking for an external oil cooler for a high performance vehicle. We were able to match exactly what was needed for the application with this high performance aluminum oil cooler made by Mishimoto. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert Point [...]

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