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Custom Radiator Building, Soldering Radiator Headers and Tubes, Cat Folded Radiator Cores, and 793 Radiator Overhaul

Here's some small to large radiator projects we have going in the radiator shop. There's a custom copper and brass 1950's Chevy truck radiator, a bolt-on radiator core that we've ran the headers on with new solder, some Caterpillar folded radiator cores going through the reconditioning process, a copper and brass radiator in [...]

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Mesabi L&M Mining Radiator Tubes, Cat D10 Dozer Aftercoolers, and A Bolt-On Crankhole Garbage Truck Radiator Rebuild

Here's some pics of various parts we're working on in the radiator shop. The first couple of pics are a load of L&M Mesabi radiator tubes that are going through the cleaning and reconditioning process. The two aluminum charge air coolers are Caterpillar D10T dozer aftercoolers that we re-cored with new heavy duty [...]

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Hitachi EX5500 Shovel Radiator, Hydraulic Oil Coolers, and Caterpillar 16G Grader Radiator Picked Up From The Mine For Rebuilding

This is a load we picked up from one of our mining customers. The small radiator is a Caterpillar 16G grader folded core style unit. The orange radiator as well as all four of the hydraulic oil coolers are off of a Hitachi EX5500 shovel. They're all coming in for complete overhaul rebuilding [...]

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Komatsu WA1200 Loader Mesabi L&M Radiator and Oil Cooler Overhaul Rebuild

This is a Komatsu WA1200 loader radiator and oil cooler assembly we picked up from one of our mining customers for a complete overhaul rebuild. The front section is all radiator and the back section is all oil cooler. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert Point Dr. Las Vegas, Nv. 89118 Phone: [...]

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LeTourneau L1850 Loader Mesabi L&M Radiator and Oil Cooler Overhaul Rebuild

This is a LeTourneau L1850 loader radiator that we did a complete rebuild overhaul to in 4 days. This radiator is a Mesabi L&M style radiator that has a total of about 2,000 individual tubes. Two thirds of it are radiator and one third of it is an oil cooler. Each individual tube is pressure [...]

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John Deere 624G Loader Radiator Rod and Repair Overhaul Rebuild

This is a John Deere 624G loader radiator that we have in for a rod and repair. This one is not only heavily fouled and plugged externally within the fins but the tubes internally are extremely dirty and plugged as well. It's no wonder the loader keeps shutting down due to overheating. This [...]

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Autocar Crankhole Crankbox Garbage Trash Refuse Truck Radiator Repair, Overhaul, & Recore

This is an Autocar bolt-on industrial commercial radiator that came in off of a garbage trash truck. This radiator was extremely plugged and clogged externally from grease and oil that was built up on the fins. The lack of airflow across the fins caused the engine to overheat which caused excessive pressure in [...]

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Diesel Pusher RV Motorhome Radiator Recore Due To Corrosion

Here's some before and after pictures of a radiator for a diesel pusher RV motorhome. The original core was severely corroded from salt exposure to the point that the fins were literally disintegrating. We cleaned the frame and bracket assembly and fixed it all up with a new high efficiency core. Motor Mission [...]

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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Custom High Efficiency Radiator With Electric Fans

This is a custom high efficiency 4-row copper and brass radiator we built for a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Along with the radiator we custom built the aluminum shroud to house two high performance Spal electric fans. For all your cooling system needs and custom radiators for hard-to-cool vehicles please give us a call [...]

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Atlas Copco DML Drill Aluminum Compressor Oil Cooler & Caterpillar 2W5540 Folded Radiator Cores

The first two pictures are a load of Caterpillar folded radiator cores that we have rebuilt and ready for painting. These particular cores are Caterpillar part# 2W5540 and they are for the 793C haul truck radiators as well as a few other applications. Both tanks of each core (section) have been removed so [...]

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