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Industrial Forklift Radiator Repair and Recoring

This is an industrial forklift radiator that came in due to leaking and overheating. The original core was deteriorated and had definitley seen better days. Since the core was in such bad shape it was agreed to recore the radiator with a new heavy duty core. In these pics is the recored radiator all cleaned [...]

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Custom Aluminum & Copper Brass Radiator Repairing, Servicing, and Building

We are your complete radiator repair, service, and custom radiator building solution. Whatever your radiator need may be we can handle it. Plastic tank radiators, copper brass radiators, and aluminum radiators are all what we do. Radiators for large mining equipment to rat rods, hot rods, and street rods are all our specialty. If you [...]

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Industrial & Commercial Diesel Engine Radiator Repairing, Servicing, & Rebuilding

Here's some pics of some of our miscellaneous radiator jobs and projects. The 1st pic is a Caterpillar 789 haul truck radiator in our test tank being pressure tested. The 2nd pic is a load of Caterpillar folded radiator cores waiting for the rod & repair rebuild. The 3rd pic is a bunch of brass [...]

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Caterpillar 793C Radiator & D10 Dozer Aluminum Radiator Cores Delivery To The Mine

This is a delivery we made to one of our mine customers. The big yellow radiator is a Caterpillar 793C haul truck radiator we rebuilt. The pallet on the bottom on the back of the trailer is of some Caterpillar part# 387-4367 aluminum D10 dozer modular radiator cores that we rebuilt. On top of the [...]

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Caterpillar 789B Mine Equipment Haul Truck Radiator Swap For Repair & Rebuilding

Here's some pics of a Caterpillar 789B mine haul truck folded core style radiator that we picked up for R&R. There's a couple pics of one of our rebuilt radiators in the stand waiting to go into the truck. Thank you for looking!! Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert Point Dr. Las Vegas, Nv. [...]

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Cat 789C Mining Haul Truck Folded Core Radiator Rebuild and Delivery

This is a Caterpillar 789C haul truck folded core radiator that we rebuilt. The 789C radiator is very similar to the 793C radiator but it only has 58 cores (sections) whereas the 793C has 60 individual cores. The mine blew an engine so this was a bit of a rush job for a Mega Down [...]

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Caterpillar D10T Dozer #213-9906 AMOCS Modular Radiator Cores Sections Repairing & Rebuild

Here's a set of 15 Caterpillar modular radiator cores or sections that we rebuilt. These radiator cores are the Caterpillar AMOCS, Advanced Modular Cooling System, style and hold part number 213-9906. This set of cores is for a D10T dozer for one of our mine customers. Motor Mission Machine & Radiator 5435 Desert Point Dr. [...]

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Komatsu 830E Mesabi L&M Radiator, Caterpillar 785 Folded Core Radiator, & Caterpillar 777C Fuel Tank Repair & Rebuild Delivery

This is a delivery we made to some of our mining customers. The large radiator is a Komatsu 830E haul truck Mesabi L&M style radiator that we did a complete repair, overhaul, & rebuild to. The smaller folded core style radiator is for a Caterpillar 785 haul haul truck which we completely rebuilt as well. [...]

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Industrial Radiator Rod & Repair Cleaning and Boiling Out In The Ultrasonic

Here's some pics of an industrial bolt-on or bolt-up radiator core for a tractor semi truck in our ultrasonic getting cleaned and boiled out. If you look close in some of the pics you can see the cleaning solution jumping up out of the tubes above the header on the top of the core. Motor [...]

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Motor Mission Machine & Radiator At The 2017 Sema Show Ignited Car Show Convention

Here's some pics of the 2017 Sema Show Ignited parade of cars, trucks, UTV's, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Race Cars, Customs, and Vehicles. Many of the vehicles featured our custom built radiators. Many of the rat rods that were on display such as some of the ones built by Steve Darnell of Welderup and Vegas [...]

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