Caterpillar D10T Dozer AMOCS Radiator Cooling System and Coolers Hardnose Assembly Rebuild & Overhaul

This is the complete hardnose assembly off of a Caterpillar D10T dozer. The hardnose is where the AMOCS (Advanced Modular Cooling System) radiator cores or sections are housed and located along with the oil coolers and aftercoolers. The Caterpillar AMOC system consists of individual radiator cores, which we call sections, stacked together side by side to make up the complete radiator assembly. When we are given the complete hardnose assembly we also address and rebuild the coolers and other parts such as the hydraulic fan motor and the fan blade both of which had to be replaced on this particular unit.

2017-09-14T23:57:27+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Industrial & Heavy Equipment|