Chevy Small Block 383 Stroker Engine With Eagle Forged Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, and KB Claimer Pistons Build

This is a Chevy small block 350 V8 engine that we built into a 383 stroker. We started out by thermal cleaning the block in our Bayco thermal cleaning oven and then shotblasting the block in our Zero Blast-n-Peen shotblaster. We then performed a magnaflux to the block to detect for any cracks. We then align honed the housing bore of the block where the main bearings rest with our Sunnen line honing machine. After line honing the mains, we then bored the cylinders for oversize pistons in our Rottler boring bar. The block was then mounted on our AMC Danmark surface grinder milling machine so we could surface and square the decks of the block in order to achieve a near zero deck height with the pistons at TDC. Finally, the block was mounted into our Sunnen CK10 cylinder honing machine so we could torque plate hone the cylinders of the block to size for the new KB Claimer pistons. The crankshaft and rotating assembly was balanced on our Balance Tech Balancer. For all of your high performance engine rebuilding and machining needs please give us a call.

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