Kubota V2203 Diesel Engine Cleaning, Magnaflux For Cracks, Machine Work, & Valve Job With Surface Milling

This is a small 4-cylinder diesel Kubota model V2203 engine that came in for machine work. We frequently see these smaller type diesel engines come in as they often power Bobcat skidsteer and mini excavator tractors. They also power lots of larger lawn equipment as well as several construction and maintenance tractors and equipment. We have the cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, and the connecting rods with the pistons attached. The cylinders are already .020 over so we are going to sleeve all four cylinders back to standard size and then we will bore & hone the cylinders to a new set of standard pistons and rings. After sleeving the cylinders we will perform a surface & square to the deck of the cylinder block. We will recondition the big ends of the connecting rods and remove the wrist pin bushings, press-in some new wrist pin bushings and hone them to size. The cylinder head will get a complete valve job and surface while the crankshaft will get a grind and polish on its rod and main journals. For all your engine rebuilding and engine machining needs we are your complete one stop machine shop in Las Vegas. We also feature a complete full service radiator shop as well.

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