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Motor Mission Machine & Radiator offers a complete offering of standard and custom machine shop services included but not limited to the list below:

  • Bayco Oven – Thermal Clean Blocks, Heads, Parts, Etc.
  • Dry Powder Magnaflux – Blocks, Heads, Parts
  • DCM Tech Wetmag – Cranks, Rods, Misc Parts
  • Honing – Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Gas & Diesel Engines (Torque Plate Honing Available)
  • Sunnen – Rod Resizing, Align Honing, Cylinder Honing
  • Robbi Pin Bore – Machine Rods to Floating Rods
  • Kingpins – R and R Pin Bushings and Hone to Size
  • AMC – Line Boring and Milling (Industrials Included)
  • Crankshaft – Weld, Grind, Polish & Chamfer Oil Holes
  • Tobin-arp Seat and Guide Machine – 3 Angle Valve Jobs – Autos, Industrial, High Performance
  • Balance Tech Balancer – Rotating Assembly Balancing
  • Winona VanNorman Flywheel Grinder – Surfacing / Ring Gears Replaced
  • Motorcycles / PowerSports 2 & 4 Stroke Valve Jobs and Machining
  • Tool & Die – Machine Work Available
  • Milling – Blocks, Heads, Intake / Exhaust Manifolds
  • Rottler – Cylinder Boring

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Selecting the parts and building or rebuilding an engine may seem intimidating at first however the entire process can be very rewarding!

Whether it’s a stock or high performance engine our team is here to help with all of your engine building and rebuilding needs!


At Motor Mission Machine & Radiator, we run our engine builds and rebuilds (whenever possible) on one of our engine run-in stands after the build/rebuild is complete! We do this to break in the camshaft if the engine has a flat tappet camshaft as well as to verify that we don’t have any oil and/or coolant leaks.

Cylinder Honing and Boring

Motor Mission Machine and Radiator located in Las Vegas, Nevada offers precision Cylinder Honing and Boring for most engine blocks.

Whether you are having an engine repaired or looking to increase horsepower, our Machinists can help!

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454 Chevy Big Block

454 Chevy big block in the Sunnen line hone that we just finished machining for and installing 4-bolt splayed main caps to.

FiTech EFI

Overhead view of the new FiTech EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) installed on a Ford 460 engine. The engine is currently mounted to one of our Custom Motor Mission Machine & Radiator engine run stands!