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We have a complete industrial radiator service facility, able to serve all of your cooling system needs. We handle all types of radiators and coolers. We currently service everything from passenger vehicles and small tractor radiators all the way up to the largest cooling modules built today.

  • Rod & Repair (Solder On & Bolt on Radiators)
  • Plastic Tank Radiator Repair
  • Recores
  • After Cooler and Air Cooler
  • Heater Cores
  • Hot Rod Radiators
  • Street Car Radiators
  • Radiator Manufacturing
  • Heater Cores
  • A/C Condensers – Oil Coolers – Evaporators
  • Antique Radiator Restoration
  • Aluminum and Copper / Brass Radiators
  • Muscle Car Radiators
  • Sandrail / Offroad Radiators

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We can build a custom cooling system package for any hard-to-cool vehicle. If you are simply looking for something to cool your hypo-engine, no problem — but if looks are also important, we can build a full on custom polished units in aluminum and / or copper and brass.

If you have a delicate radiator for a 1947 Chrylser Town and Country, for example, you can rest assured that we can successfully rebuild or restore it (if originality is your desire) with a factory or better than factory (appearing) end product. We can build practically anything from the ground up and offer trusted radiator repair services.

It doesn’t matter what year, make or model, we can build or rebuild your vehicle’s radiator. If you are looking for a respected radiator shop, call Motor Mission Machine & Radiator in Las Vegas, NV for all of your custom radiators and repairs.


Every radiator, or heat exchanger (oil cooler, air-to-air cooler, aftercooler, intercooler), is first evaluated, and if necessary, tested, to determine whether the unit can be overhauled, or if replacement would be more cost effective.

Once this has been done, a call / email will be given to the customer with an estimate of all possible costs, as well as suggestive advice as to the cause of the unit’s failure.

Complete Radiator Repair, Replacement & Manufacturing

Our cooling system staff is equipped with the knowledge and tools to both recondition and replace radiators, air-to-air coolers and oil coolers for any application.


Motor Mission Machine & Radiator in Las Vegas can service radiators including, but not limited to tractors, tractor trucks, heavy equipment, stationary power plants & mining equipment.

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Drill Rig Radiator & CAC with Crank-Hole Semi Truck Radiator

A drill rig radiator & CAC (charge-air-cooler) with the gray radiator which is a crank-hole semi truck radiator.

Motor Mission Rebuilt Radiators finished-up & headed out for delivery.

Custom Built Down-Flow Radiators

Motor Mission Machine & Radiator shop based in Las Vegas Nevada custom built down-flow radiator for a 1955-1957 Chevy truck.