Vermeer T955 Crawler Trencher Radiator and Oil Cooler Assembly For Rebuilding, Overhauling, and Re-Coring

This is a Vermeer T955 crawler trencher radiator and oil cooler assembly that came in for a complete rebuild and overhaul. The radiator is leaking at the bottom header due to a crack. The oil cooler has been dangling and flopping around as most of the bolts are sheared and broken. This thing endures a lot of harsh hits and vibration as most trenchers and crushers do. We will be doing a re-core to the radiator with a new heavy duty radiator core with heavy and thicker headers. The oil cooler will get flushed and welded where necessary to beef it back up and give it a solid mounting in the frame once again. We will post it up once we get it all done and ready to go.

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