3116 Caterpillar Diesel Engine Camshaft, Crankshaft, and Block Cylinder Sleeving and Machining

Here’s some pics of a 3116 Caterpillar diesel engine we did all the machine work to. We had to machine all six cylinders in the block so we could install sleeves in order to bring the bore size back to standard. After the sleeves were installed we surfaced and squared the deck of the block before boring and honing the cylinder sleeves to standard size for the new pistons and rings. The crankshaft was checked for cracks in the wet magnaflux and then we did a polish and chamfer to all of the rod and main journals. The connecting rods needed to be reconditioned so we re-sized the big ends and then we removed the old tapered wrist pin bushings, pressed in some new ones and then machined the small ends to size for the new wrist pins. We pressed in some new cam bearings in the block, polished the camshaft and sent it on its way with all the new parts which we supplied for this job as well.
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